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Nishman After Shave Care Lotion Iceberg (400ml)- Lotion Based, Alcohol Free

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The new NISHMAN After Shave Lotion provides true aftershave comfort. In addition to its refreshing properties, it moisturizes your face and protects your skin from dryness and burns caused by razor cuts. It will make your skin feel more comfortable than ever with its refreshed, moisturized, and fresh scent.

• Protects the skin from irritation and moisturizes
• Protects skin from dryness, razor bumps, and cuts
• Provides true shaving comfort
• It is refreshing
• It has a fresh masculine scent.
• Contains vitamin E.

How To Use: Rinse with cold water immediately after shaving, dry your face gently, pour aftershave into your palm and rub your palms together. Finally, apply and massage the aftershave into your skin.