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Nishman Hair Styling Hair Wax Matte:Matte Finish|Strong Hold|Re-Stylable Wax|Water Soluble|100G

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Benefits of Nishman Matte Hair Wax

  • Imprompt Hair Style:  The Nishman MATTE Wax  is a styling Wax with flexible hold, which can be used to sculpt hair. It can help in defining your hairstyle with an intense style-strengthening hold. This non-greasy hair wax glides in easily, defining the hair with a non-stick setting. This also makes it easy to rinse and cleanse from the hair

  • All Hair Types:  This Matte Wax is suitable for any hair type. It even helps the curliest, messiest, rough or frizzy hair type by adding definition, appearance & texture to the hair.

  • Texture & Fragrance:  The Matte Wax by Nishman from the roots of Turkey comes with high quality texture that spreads easily & glides into your hair smoothly to give a matte finish look with a sweet fragrance of Vanilla to make your hair smell fresh.

  • No Oily or Greasy Residue:  The hair Wax is formulated such that it leaves no residue giving you that promising look which you love & desire for.

  • Water Soluble:  The water soluble formula of the hair styling Matte Wax ensures that it is easy to remove without compromising on the hold throughout the day.

  • Restylable Wax:  This Hair styling Matte Wax being water soluble has the properties of restyling to any hair style. Go from simple spiked hair to a modern uber look without washing off the product, just take some amount of wax on to your palm & restyle to any hairstyle you desire.

  • No Chemical Formulations:  Nishman Matte Wax is 100% Toxic free and is Safe to use with no damage to your hair as it has no Paraben & Sulphate in it.

How to Use

This Matte Wax for Men is an ideal addition to your daily routine

  1. Simply, take a small amount of hair Wax in your hand.
  2. Rub it between your palms.
  3. Then, apply it evenly to your dry or damp hair to get effortlessly styled hair.

Make this Matter Hair Wax a part of your hair styling routine. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karm .

Not satisfied with product because it don't maintain my hairstyle.

Kuldeep kalra
Nice product. Easy to use

In one word nice product easy to use. Long lasting hold

Aamir Khan
Perfect Hold and matte Look

Don't think too much go for it. it's worth the Money

Prince Verma
Best in the Market

Great Product. Just go for it

Shivam Monga
Just Wow!

This is very good product, my hair looks so good after applying the product

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