No1 Hair volume powder wax in india

No1 Hair volume powder wax in india

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a huge shift on volume & texture which is completely opposite to the straight trends of the early 2000s. The ones who have thin, fine hair and are devoid of great volume & texture can have tough time achieving the volume & textured hair which we see on stars, celebrities or Influencers. Fortunately, there are expert products developed with the formulas that help give salon finish hairstyles, volume to boost one’s confidence & looks.

Powder products have started gaining popularity from last 3 years & interest in texturizing powder is only climbing. Hence, there has been increase in competition of best volumizing powder in the market which has led to dumping of fake or copy products or manufacturing of cheap texturizing powder.

The risen popularity for Nishman India’s Volume & styling powder in recent years, is not only for providing texture but its ability to add instant volume & thickness to your hair. This Ultra-light weight hair powder adds fullness to your thin hair and gives advantage of volumizing hair by creating manageable, fuller & aesthetically pleasing hairstyles. Nishman India’s mattifying volume powder holds any hairstyle for as long as 24 hrs, keeping it intact & fresh as you want. The Paraben & Sulphate free Volumizing powder is suitable for any hair type& length.

How does Nishman India’s mattifying volume powder benefits:

Matte Finish: Nishman Hair powder adds life to dull & boring everyday hair. Kill routine, feel the difference & get textured looking hair with a cool, matte finish


Instant Volume: This Volumizing powder helps in achieving great looks in no time & adding volume that lasts long


 24 Hours Stronghold:  Have a long day plan from office to party with no time in hand? Nishman got you cover, Style once in the morning & forget about it till 24 hours. The hairstyle will remain fresh & intact as you want.

Freshness: Mattifying Volume powder absorbs oil therefore making it look oil free and fresher in seconds.


Ohh wait! There’s a reason Nishman Hair Volumizing powder is loved from the day it has been launched – it’s wallet friendly, easy to apply, first innovative product to be introduced in men’s segment. After you gust it on your roots, the formula dries super quick into a melting soft texture, leaving behind the perfect amount of grit, volume & lift.