Hair Volume Powder, the new fashion or fad.

Hair Volume Powder, the new fashion or fad.

Having good hair is like local Mein Rajdhani ka Safar Karna.

Remember those times when you have a very important event at 6:00, you are just about to go in but your hair is being as stubborn as Hitler, What can you do to calm them down, 

Earlier the options that you had when it comes to grooming were minimal.

Since then the market has expanded.

Nowadays men have a lot of options but no style.

In a market without style, Nishman comes in with the save.

There are thousands of brands that cater to the men's grooming industry, all these companies do the bare minimum.

There are reliable ways to style your hair that are harmless to you, over the years there have been multiple products that have claimed to be harmless, but the truth was far far away. 

  • Fashion or Fad.

To realize the difference between Fad and Fashion is key, 

Fad’s go away

Fashion Stays.

With the multiple uses that the product has, it’s a marathon material.

  • Toxins.

Using toxins on your hair has been a long-lasting tradition. This is mostly because you were not able to get the appropriate products, back in the day the male grooming industry functioned with blinders on. But now the industry has changed,

  • The new way of styling.

Hair powder as a concept has been existing for a long time, but what we have done is to commercialize the concept and take out all the drawbacks.

Hair powder instantly gives your hair volume and a matt finish, bringing the style to your personality. 

In conclusion, there is only one thing we would like to say, it’s a quote from a very influential figure praising NishMan

Groot: I am GROOT.