3 Ways to fight hair thinning

3 Ways to fight hair thinning

All hair you lose never grows back

“Cool, Cool, Cool Take a deep breath”

 This is one of the most common myths surrounding hair loss.

“Uff, that felt good.”

We tend to lose up to 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, and this happens to everyone. But the difference between the people who experience hair thinning and the people who don't is that the former's hair doesn’t grow back. 

Losing hair is one of the mortal fears that men have, anything else can be rubbed under the rug but not this.

“True that”

There are various reasons which lead to hair thinning,

  • Heredity

Sometimes the problem is heredity, it runs in the family. Your father went bald at 30 and your grandfather at 25. 

“Maybe I am the exception”

It's just a case of genetics, a lot gets passed on to us from our parents, a lot of that is good, with a small section being bad. We are the amalgamation of our parent's genome.

  • Hormonal changes.

With age your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, sometimes they are just temporary changes that the body is going through at that particular moment.

“Baywatch was a vibe”

  • Aging 

As simple as it sounds, age is like a  mistress, the more it ages the more poisonous it gets.

Sometimes it's as simple as that you have aged, this is an obvious one.

Don’t worry, take a deep breath, here are three ways to stop hair thinning.


Having multivitamins and consulting a doctor for appropriate medications. This might have a very Catch 22 feel to it but randomly following advice written on the internet can be very careless on your part.

Consulting a professional is the best way for hair thinning.

Ps: We all have googled our symptoms and got stressed out on the cancer verdict given.

    2.Dietary Altercation

Making changes to your diet and making it balanced in nature is also a very important part to tackle hair thinning,

Maybe it might be the lack of protein which is the core of your hair loss issues, or you need to have a more plant-based diet.

But to deny the effect of a proper diet is you being ignorant.    


In the age we live in, everything is fast-paced, everything is at high stake. With this comes stress, be it work, or your personal life. 

Taking a lot of stress also causes hair thinning.

Your blood pressure might spike or your hemoglobin goes for a toss.

Balance is of the utmost importance, stress will also ruin your mental health and nothing is more important than that.

To quote Adolf Hitler “Live and let live”